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Motorcycle Insurance: What To Do Before You Get A Quote

More often than not sorting out your motorcycle insurance is a bit of a hurried affair from the moment the renewal reminder lands in your inbox or on your doormat.

But it pays to be a little more organised. Set a reminder up in your phone calendar a couple of weeks before it’s due to give you all the time you need to get everything organised. Below is our list of everything you should have to hand before you even think about looking for a new quote.

Riding career

  • The date you passed your bike test
  • Proof of No Claims Discount (NCD). Your current isurer should be able to help.
  • Any convictions pending, or on your licence, what and when?
  • Advanced riding courses passed
  • The date you passed your car test

The cover

  • Third party, fire and theft or fully comprehensive?
  • How much did you pay last year?
  • What’s your renewal quote?
  • When do you want cover to start?
  • Level of excess you are willing to accept
  • Do you want NCD protection?
  • Do you require legal cover?
  • Do you need kit insurance?
  • Are you planning to ride your bike overseas?
  • Will you need a courtesy bike if yours breaks?
  • Do you need breakdown cover?

Personal stuff

  • Home address (obviously)
  • Garage address, if different to above
  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Annual mileage: Just pleasure, or to include commuting or business use?
  • How long have you been a resident in the country.

Your bike

  • Make, model and year of motorcycle
  • Mileage
  • Accurate estimate of the value
  • Any accessories fitted and their value
  • Modifications; aftermarket exhaust, upgraded brakes, engine work?
  • What security you have to protect your bike. Alarm. chain, disc lock?
  • Where will the bike be kept over night (garage, driveway, garden)?